Splatter Style Painting

Splatter is a simple, fun, and messy style. Honestly, the mess may be why it's so fun!

Traditional spray paints, fabric spray paints, and airbrushes distribute an even layer of paint. Spray cans and brushes aren't designed for a grungy splatter effect. That's okay, there's a simple hack for that.


First, as always, wash the item you are going to paint. A simple surface clean is sufficient. We only want to remove any dust or debris that could get trapped between the fabric and your paint and compromise the paint's adhesion.

wash paintable area


When working with spray paints it is important to mask off any fabric you do not wish to paint. Don't skimp on the masking either. Like we said at the beginning, the splatter style is messy. ;)

mask before spray painting


To achieve a splatter effect with a spray can or brush, all you will need is a thick popsicle stick/tongue depressor/craft stick. Hold this flat stick over or in front of what you would like to paint. Spray the sick with your spray can or brush. The deflected paint clumps together to create a splatter rather than an even paint coat.

splatter paint method

Play with the angle of the spray paint and the stick for different effects. If you are holding the stick over your project, be mindful that paint does accumulate on the stick and will produce large drips.

splatter paint style on upstroke studio arrow design travel bag

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